IAGP research committee

The vision

The vision of the IAGP Research Committee is the creation of a global network on Research for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes that exchanges information, creates projects and provides knowledge on research, concerning all disciplines and methods of Group Psychotherapy and Processes.

Mission and Vision

Research serves as a thermometer in every Organization, describing results of application of new techniques and methods – in combination with others – during various psychological, social, political, financial situations and conditions, historical moments and disasters.

It has served during the covid 19 pandemic, during disasters and traumatic situations, indicating new ways of therapy, education and communication.

Current History:

The Research Committee of IAGP has a history of strong connection and collaboration with all IAGP Committees, Sections and Task Forces.

By the organization of 3 IAGP International Congresses on Research in the past, it has realized strong connections also among members of IAGP, enriched IAGP with new young researchers coming from many new countries, Universities and Organizations which were not participating earlier in IAGP.

The Specific tasks related to that role are:

– A retrospective evaluation and future estimation of the research activities and methods inside and outside IAGP.  

-Development of the research spirit in the IAGP field and in collaboration with other disciplines,

 -Use of applied clinical research inside IAGP Congresses.  

-Organization of IAGP Research International Congresses 

– Standardization of Research on Group Psychotherapy & Group Processes outcome: this has been achieved by the formation of a common form of application for Research Pilot Studies, projects and presentations, on which, new statistical data and results will emerge ,based on what has been  realized inside IAGP and in Collaboration of IAGP with other Organizations 

-Standardization of the different techniques of Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes in many research-related fields. 

The Relationship of role of the IAGP Research Committee to other roles on the Board:

  1. Inside IAGP:  
  • Creation of Research Congresses in collaboration with IAGP: sections, committees, task forces, affiliate Organizations 
  • Formation of Proceeding Rules on the Research Area 
  1. Outside IAGP:

Collaboration of the Committee with: 

  • Research Institutes, Universities, Hospitals and Organizations by lectures, presentations, webinars, workshops
  1. Continuity of the IAGP International Congresses on Research, Group Psychotherapy & Processes: repetition every 3 years. 
  • Search for Research funds for research funds (eg: EC, University’s projects)
  1. Publication of articles in International journals, books.
  2. Creation and edition of an IAGP website.

 We want to thank you and we will keep on the great enthusiasm, the trust and the work realized all these years, for the vision and the expantion worldwide of the spirit of IAGP Research .

What are the specifics focus, concerns and needs in fulfilling the mandate:

  1. The first step is the credibility of articles provided by assigning copyright or DOI,

In order to establish a safe and better way of communication regarding research, IAGP must provide a copyright protecting the announcements during Research Congresses, webinars and communication in the lists.

Clear policies and procedures are necessary in order to avoid copy or reproduction of the announcements.

  • The second step is communication.
  • The realization of Congresses every 2-3 years on Research, provides space for those who want to present the data and the results of their projects, attracts new Organizations and Universities to IAGP.
  • The creation of a list at the website is essential in order not only to announce new scientific activities, articles or Congresses, but also to share experience from different methods, even more during crisis, disasters, pandemic or other traumatic events.
  • The third step is to search for funds in order to realize:
  • Research projects inside IAGP
  • Congresses, webinars, scientific activities

iii. The creation of a Research Journal for IAGP

Especially for cases of trauma situations and disasters:

In different phases of trauma, different ways of assistance must be provided:

 – Mental Health assessment, 

 – Distribution of questionnaires, at the start,

 – Support and creation of Inter-vision groups, later,

 – Discussion with other Organizations, NGOs, 

 – Communication by facebook (where this is safe).

 – Other.

What we need for the future:

    1. to better communicate and collaborate  with other IAGP committees, sections and task forces (as the educational , the trauma disaster taskforce or the webinar committee),
    2. to organize introductory webinars, seminars or motivating lectures about the research methodology for groups,
    3.  to ask for funds for research projects e.g to prove or not the efficacy of different interventions aiming to improve the evidence base practice of different group modalities ; this could be the project of a year, we could also prepare a protocol for that and ask for those who want to join us .
    4. to improve the website page of the research committee and to connect  members between them by the distribution of questionnaires.
    5. to create Research Archives where presentations and articles will be safely restored.

Objectives of the IAGP Research Committee:

IAGP Research Committee plays a crucial role in advancing knowledge and evidence-based practices in group psychotherapy and group processes. We defined some important points for the committee´s activities, focusing mostly on promoting high-quality research, fostering collaboration, and contributing to the field’s growth and development.

Objective 1 – Conduct a retrospective evaluation and future estimation of research activities both inside and outside IAGP.

Objective 2 – Develop the research spirit within the IAGP field and in collaboration with other disciplines.

Objective 3 – Use applied clinical research inside IAGP congresses.

Objective 4 – Organize IAGP Research International Congresses every 3 years to provide a platform for researchers, clinicians, and practitioners to exchange knowledge and foster collaboration, organize webinars, introductory seminars and scientific events.

Objective 5 – Standardize Research on Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes outcome.

Objective 6 – Standardize different techniques of group psychotherapy and group processes in many research-related fields.

Objective 7-it is very important to create a webpage for the IAGP Research Committee on the IAGP website. Please, provide content for it to be organized on the revised website project.

Objective 8-Concerning trauma situations and disasters, it is important to work with the IAGP Trauma & Disaster and IAGP Education Committees, in collaboration with the webinar committee


The IAGP Research Committee has been founded on 2012 and chaired  by Dr Catherina Mela MD, board member Neurologist, Group- Analyst and former IAGP Vice President. It started as an ad-Hoc IAGP Committee and later it became a regular IAGP Committee.

During its function of 12 years, many new members from various countries worldwide, including many young professionals, have joined it.

It has organized three International IAGP Research Congresses. 

  1. Athens, Greece, (2014) on “Chronic Stress” Official Book of abstracts IAGP Research Congress 2014
  2. Thessaloniki, Greece (2019) on “Trauma and Crisis” Offical book of abstracts IAGP research congress 2019
  3. The 1st IAGP online International IAGP Research Congress (2020), on the “consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic” with the participation of more than 35 countries. PROGRAM OF THE ONLINE IAGP RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM ON COVID-19, 2020

The aim of the IAGP Research Committee is to expand the research spirit among cultures and nations, with all methods of research in different disciplines and techniques of Group Psychotherapy (Group Analysis, Psychodrama, Child and Family Therapy, Group Processes and others), in Psycho-education, in the application of Neurosciences in Group Psychotherapy.

All these years the IAGP Research Committee – outside and inside IAGP – has been represented worldwide by many lectures, articles, projects, grand rounds and workshops in many universities and organizations’ conferences and scientific activities, in webinars, seminars (Cambridge University, Dubrovnik Inter-university, Academy of Granada, Rome, Vatican University, Israel, NVGP, AGPA, GASi, among others) and journals. It has participated by organizing ongoing symposia and round tables in all IAGP International Congresses and IAGP Regional Conferences (Georgia, Egypt, Colombia, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, S. Africa, Sweden, USA, Tunisia, and others). 

In collaboration with other IAGP Sections, Committees and Task Forces , the IAGP research committee focuses also on Cultural Epidemiology, Migration, on situations related to Trauma and Disaster, on the consequences of the covid1-9 pandemic, the impact of the climate changes and of the global financial crisis.

Lot of Research focused on Group Psychotherapy and Neurosciences’ application as well on the Neurobiology of trauma.

On going Research on the Forgiving Process is underway for many years, by the participation with lectures, workshops, Symposia etc and the distribution of questionnaires in many IAGP Conferences (Granada, Thessaloniki, Antalya) .

Many publications have been published in International Books and Journals (such as Forum, the International Journal of Psychology and Neurosciences (IJPN), Psychiatria Danubina and others).

Since 2023 the IAGP Research Committee is chaired by:

Drs/ MD, Catherina Mela & Noha Sabry,

Members of the current IAGP Research Committee are:

Asmaa Abd El Fatah, Domenico Agresta Mimmo, Christina Martinez de Taboada, Ivan Urlic.