The IAGP proudly publishes a number of important publications. These include FORUM, an annual publication of peer-reviewed articles, a book publication, the IAGP annual report and Globeletter, a newsletter for members. 


The IAGP publishes Forum, an annual publication that presents articles of scientific and professional interest, and frequently includes keynote addresses from IAGP congresses. For further details, please click here.

You can download the latest edition of Forum (July, 2023) here


IAGP members also receive Globeletter, a newsletter containing notices of congresses, news about members and other matters pertinent to the membership. For further details about Globeletter and to download recent issues, please click here.


This book entitled ‘Cultural diversity, groups and psychotherapy around the world’ (2022) was edited by Mars Honig and Cristina Martinez-Taboada and involved distinguished authors from around the world. It is unique in its approach to the concept of Culture, just as IAGP is a unique international organization, with members located around the globe. The significance of understanding the dynamic of culture has never been more important for all of us, whether we focus on clinical or organizational work. The Internet provides immediate, raw information to all of us. This is a phenomenon that we must always digest and understand within the framework of culture. For further details and to download the publication, please click here.


The Annual Report of the International Association of Group Psychotherapists (IAGP) is a comprehensive document that offers insights into the organization’s activities, achievements, and financial performance over a specific reporting period. The purpose of this report is to provide members, stakeholders, donors, and the general public with an overview of the IAGP’s work in advancing the field of group psychotherapy and group processes. A copy of the latest report is located here.

Please see also our Ethical Guidelines for Group Psychotherapists (August, 2009) and our Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards for Organization Development and Group Process Consultants (July, 2012)