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Member communications

There are specific communication channels where IAGP members post messages within each sections, and special interest groups. To check which list you belong to, please email [email protected].

Your selection is made at the membership portal.
The document contains a short description and the email addresses of the lists used in IAGP. Please observe the guidelines for posting.

Regular online events for members

Apply for a position at IAPG

If you would like to volunteer for IAGP, we would like to hear from you. There are upcoming opportunities in IAGP within a section or at a conference or some other work. Please send us an email and someone will be in touch.

Please email: [email protected] and someone will be in touch.

Access archive of recent webinars

An archive of recorded webinars from International experts is available to members. Please login with your username and password to access. The link to the archive is located here and is being continuously updated with new recordings.

Please email: [email protected] for lost username or password.

Propose a workshop

Fill in this form to propose an IAGP Webinar or Workshop

Fill in this form to propose an IAGP Webinar or Workshop

All proposals for online webinars or workshop should be submitted by this form.

Only IAGP members can propose a workshop or webinar.

Please complete all fields in the form below.
Please keep in mind that every online webinar or workshop must be 1h and 30min of length. If a webinar or workshop is composed of a series of meetings, it cannot be more than 3 meetings in total. In this case the proposal must develop and divide in chapters or themes.

What is a webinar and what is a workshop?

We define a webinar as an online presentation in which you share information or knowledge and offer the possibility to discuss and ask questions. A workshop also
includes active working forms in which the participants - for instance in virtual breakout rooms - can interact, practice and/or experience the content of the workshop..

Type of presentation
Was the proposal confirmed by the regarding IAGP section chair:

Maximum file size: 262.14MB

I confirm that I am a member of IAGP and consent is given to IAGP and all rights are waived for both TRANSMISSION (STREAMING), RECORDING from the Zoom platform (Host: IAGP) and the STORAGE OF MATERIAL on the device of the organiser. After submitting your proposal we will contact you to plan and further support you with your presentation. Please note that we ask you to be available at least once for an online preparatory meeting and for a short rehearsal before the actual broadcast of your online webinar or workshop. Webinar Committee
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