Free one-year trial (FOYT) membership application

Is not possible to join FOYT “The one-year free membership programme” of IAGP at the moment. Please come back to know more or contact

The one-year free membership programme of IAGP aims to invite group professionals, Affiliates’ individual members and young professionals to join as a trial without membership cost. During their first year of membership, the programme will offer them the experience of being a member of IAGP and allows them to take part in intervision groups, regional group discussions, webinars, training opportunities, and receive copies of Globeletter magazine and Forum publications. Discounted fees to attend the 2022 Congress in Pescara will also be offered.

It is hoped that full membership will be taken up after twelve months of free membership.

Who can join?

Membership is open to trained group psychotherapists, consultants and group leaders who are sponsored by a professional who is familiar with their work with groups. Student memberships are welcome from students enrolled in institutional training programs or university studies in group psychotherapy or group processes.

FOYT is open only to individuals who have never been individual members of IAGP. To rejoin IAGP or renew your IAGP membership please click here


Individual members have free access to all the IAGP material, including recorded materials of Webinars and other IAGP activities. They have also reduced rates in our Congresses and sponsored Conferences, and even free access to Webinars and Online Symposiums. We also have an annual publication (Forum) where all members can publish, all publications are peer reviewed, and Globeletter (our newsletter). All members can create a profile on our website with all the information they want to share and decide if the information is open to everybody or only for members. There are also discussion forums and intervision online groups for members only.

Voting rights of the association are withheld until full membership is taken in twelve months. To upgrade to full (paid) membership beforehand, please contact


Fees are payable annually, however, as an initial offer, the membership is waived for one year.