Workshop – “Oh No! Christmas Again! Transforming Celebration Times from Chore to Joy”

Date(s) - 01/12/2024
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


“Oh No! Christmas Again! Transforming Celebration Times from Chore to Joy”

SUNDAY 1st of December 2 to 4 PM

Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Shabbat dinners, birthdays, or any family or social gathering, these occasions can sometimes leave us feeling bitter instead of the sweetness they should bring. Some people may approach these coming Festivities with dread encountering, once again, a family dynamic that is draining and exhausting. But there is not necessarily to repeat behaviours like robots, we can change who we live through spontaneity and creativity. Using an adapted version of the Demand and Frequency graph and the principles of Moreno’s Canon of Creativity, participants will find the appropriate role to play to move from role taking to role playing. Hence enjoying a better way of relating.
You’ll learn an immediately applicable technique by working on a personal issue or playing the role of someone else such as a client.
● Create a Demand and Frequency Graph based on a specific Social Atom.
● Identify a relational dynamic that drains you using active role theory.
● Identify the level of Spontaneity and Creativity needed to transform a cultural conserve.“This workshop enabled me to establish more authentic connections.” – Therese, Counselor, NSW
“I wasn’t aware that I could break free from generational patterns rooted in fear, expectations, and guilt.” – Jono, Accountant-Business Coach, Germany

Dr. Carlos A Raimundo
Dr. Carlos is a catalyst for transformation and change. Through his insightful and effective tools people discover their true selves, who they are meant to be, and he helps them to resolve, restore, and heal what they have become due to negative experiences, pain, trauma, and cultural influences. This process builds possibilities, resilience, and effectiveness. The result is a life of satisfaction and happiness for themselves and their relationships, which in turn affects those around them and humanity as a whole.