Workshop – Changing Those who are a Drain into a Gain

Date(s) - 15/09/2024
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Practical Tools for Dealing with Parenting Conflict in Family Therapy and Leadership

SUNDAY 15th of September 2 to 4 PM

Relationships are the source of satisfaction, joy, as well as pain and suffering. Learning how to change those who are a pain into a gain is an “art that can be learned.” In this workshop, you’ll be able to use a crafted Sociometric Demand and Frequency Graph, designed by the presenter, to:
● Map a social atom, family, work, etc., evaluating which relationships are of gain and which ones are draining.
● Identify the effect of those relationships through the lens of active role theory.
● Develop practical action plans to enhance positive connections and explore creative strategies to navigate relationships that are of pain and better enjoy those that are a gain.
The instructional segment of the workshop will be recorded, while the experiential sharing aspect will not be captured.”
Dr. Carlos A Raimundo
Dr. Carlos is a catalyst for transformation and change. Through his insightful and effective tools people discover their true selves, who they are meant to be, and he helps them to resolve, restore, and heal what they have become due to negative experiences, pain, trauma, and cultural influences. This process builds possibilities, resilience, and effectiveness. The result is a life of satisfaction and happiness for themselves and their relationships, which in turn affects those around them and humanity as a whole.