The Great Arche: Sailing through the night. The many ways of Transformation

Date(s) - 24/11/2022 - 27/11/2022
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The Great Arche: Sailing through the night: the many ways of Transformation

24-25-26-27 November 2022 –
A Series of Psychodrama Workshop in the Time of Crisis: Who shall survive?
The name of the project responds to the current thread for our planet and all its living beings while we have hurt our nature within us and around us. It is not clear if our efforts are sufficient to repair it given the level of violence on all levels. But, we will try to do so as Noah did. Sometimes we seem to be lost and prone to be captured in cages, but even then we are free to hold our heart against the sky to start the act of transformation. We are connected: anima
mundi. Come onto the ARCA. Even if we cannot see the land we can share the vision of a new horizon with a rainbow. Arca means the beginning (Greek meaning) and the container (Hebrew meaning) of the very best of us. Come on board and look out with compassion. Lets sail the Arca again. Come on board while our doves are ready to fly!
The project has been initiated by Wilma Scategni/Italy, Maite Pi/ Spain, Maurizio Gasseau/Italy and Jorge Burmeister-Petullá/Spain and Switzerland. It is inspired by the Granada summer academy and its value of humanity which we share with IAGP and FEPTO. We are a self organizing community of therapists who believe compassionately in the power of imagination, dreams and millenary wisdom especially when we are able to build up a truthful “We” together.
The event is for free. But please consider to donate to one of the following organizations using the link below if you are inclined to do so: thank you very much!

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) = Preserving the earth’s biodiversity, using natural resources
sustainably, banning pollution and harmful consumer behavior
MSF (Doctors without borders) = Providing humanitarian aid in zones of disaster and conflicts
independent of any political, economic or religious interest


The Team of Conductors: Maite Pi (Spain), Wilma Scategni (Italy), Monica Zuretti
(Argentine), Marcia Karp (Great Britain), Jorge Burmeister (Switzerland, Spain),
Maurizio Gasseau (Italy), Mario Buchbinder (Argentine), Eva Fahlström Borg (Sweden),
Judith Teszàry (Sweden), Magdalene Jayarathnam (India), Daniela Simmons (USA),
Irene Henche (Spain), Galabina Tarashoeva, (Bulgaria), Marcia Honig (Israel, Brazil),
Arşaluys Kayır (Turkey), Zula Talebayeva (Kasastan), Viktor Semeanov (Russia), Marina
Brinchi (Italy), Alexandra Doljenko (Russia), Luigi Dotti (Italy), Vanda Druetta (Italy),
Fabian Blobel (Germany), Angela Sordano (Italy), Anna Vernai (Italy) Valeria Bianchi
Mian (Italy), Annamaria Frammartino (Italy), Leonardo Seidita (Italy), Luigi Manfredi
(Italy), Fernán Cetran (Argentine), Debora Moghilevesky de Penna (Argentine),
Marianna Massimello (Italy), Chiara de Marina (Italy, Brazil), Sergio Zucchiatti (Italy),
Silvana Graziella Ceresa (Italy), Viktor Zaretsky (Russia), Natalia Tumashkova (Russia),
Elena Boccon (Italy), Caner Bingol (Türkiye)

Chairs: Jorge Burmeister, Maite Pi, Wilma Scategni, Maurizio Gasseau