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Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama Online

February 26, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm CET

26th of February 2022, 3pm to 5pm (CET, ROME TIME) 
During the current pandemic, our afflictions and dreams have been shared and represented through screen presence while crossing borders. Here we present the emergence of a new modality of group psychotherapy and online psychodrama which forms part of the psychotherapeutic processes, of social transformation and in the education and training of new group psychotherapists and psychodramatists. In this roundtable, which is made up of professionals from around the globe, we will share new theoretical and technical contributions from a range of experiences and begin a debate which will allow us to generate new questions and explore new perspectives. After the presentations we will have time to debate with the participants through the Zoom chat; this will be carried out in English and Spanish through simultaneous translation.
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Password: 826177
General articulation of the webinar:

Saturday 26th of February 2022, from 15h to 17h CET (Central Eastern Time).

·       15 min Reception, introduction and presentation of the participants
·       20 min Presentation from Pedro Torres-Godoy
·       20 min Presentation from Maurizio Gasseau
·       20 min Presentation from Raúl Vaimberg
·       45 min Debate with participation through the chat
Corresponding Author


Pedro Torres-Godoy

Psychiatrist, Systemic Therapist, Psychodramatist and Drama Therapist, EDRAS Chile.

[email protected]

Short Presentation:

The pandemic has delivered us to moment in time without precedent, not only as psychodramatists but also as health professionals in general. Accustomed to presentiality, through our calling as group leaders, and focused on body action, the interaction, dramatisation and scenes, the material of which we have built professionally, we must now position ourselves in front of the computer screen. Moving from the circle of psychodramatic presentiality to the virtual square of the screen via Zoom, is not only a contradiction, but rather that both, circle and square, are located in disjointed domains, which on the one hand share communication and, on the other, confuse the experience of the meeting. The former enjoys the much-desired spontaneity that Moreno sought. The latter, the square, is a cultural domain that artificially frames and subjects us to a virtual communication platform designed for conversation, but not for action. This is also true for the hundreds of them which exist on today’s technological media and platforms. The emotional experience of group psychodramatic meetings in online psychodrama, plays on the mind of each participant, and probably in the systemic mind of the group. In this imaginary space the elements merge, the techniques become blurred, just as time, space, the body, the group and the dramatisation all blur as well. Therefore, psychodrama, sociodrama, dramatherapy and playback theatre no longer have their resounding imprint, which, in the reality of presence, are clearly distinguished and differentiated as group action devices with their own identity. However, spontaneity bubbles and creativity surprise in this magical place. Whereas in the virtual, it is no longer clear which methodology is being used to emotionally mobilise the group. A certainty is the profound and true experience of emotional connection that is achieved between the participants, situating the experience in a proto-psychodrama, which pushes for the investigation, development, theorisation and generation of new practices for its legitimisation.


Maurizio Gasseau

Associate Professor of Dynamic Psychology at the University of Aosta. 
Psychologist and member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes IAGP
Co-founder of the Jungian Psychodrama theory in 1978 and founder of Psychodramatic Social Dreaming Matrix in 2006
He has given lectures, workshops and training programmes on group psychotherapy, psychodrama and social dreaming matrix in forty-six countries.
If a Webinar is composed by more than a lesson/session, it must be no more than 3 meetings. In this case the proposal must develop and divide in chapters or themes.

[email protected]

Short Presentation:

Online psychodrama has experienced a startling development throughout the pandemic. Jungian psychodramatists have continued leading groups of patients and students on the Zoom platform. The work of explaining dreams and representing dreams associated with memories has continued being fundamental for online Jungian psychodrama. The virtual work has facilitated the use of active group imagination and work with the protagonist in psychodramatic groups. More space for sharing is given at the end of each performance. The author at the roundtable will present these topics with clinical examples.


Raul Vaimberg

Psychiatrist. Doctor in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, Psychodramatist and Group Psychotherapist. Director of the Master in Groups and Psychodrama by IL3-University of Barcelona. Forty years of clinical experience in Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama and in the training of mental health professionals.

[email protected]

Short Presentation:

The online world has allowed us to explore the landscape of fantasy, dreams and social reality from a new perspective; to encounter new experiences of space, time and links; to participate in diverse experiences online: interventions and psychotherapies, sociodrama, online public psychodrama, workshops, seminars and regulated training groups. We have developed and incorporated techniques stemming from those which we already knew of, innovating and with contributions from the performing, fine and visual arts, while we have also come up against obstacles and impediments that have turned into challenges and stimuli for investigation. We present new theoretical concepts that have guided us in the understanding and evolution of this fascinating task. The intense experience over the last two years, combined with knowledge accumulated over more than 15 years of investigation into online interventions and psychotherapy, has helped us to develop a training program in the format of a Masters at the University of Barcelona. We will share some of the experiences that have taken place throughout these years.


February 26, 2022
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm CET
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