Why online webinars and workshops?

Adrian Hofstede (Netherlands)

Webinars Coordinator

The Webinar Committee is inviting you to come forward with new ideas for IAGP online webinars and workshops. Online webinars and workshops are the perfect media to explore and share scientific and methodological knowledge with fellow experts across the many fields of expertise within the IAGP.

Already an idea for an online webinar or workshop? Please use our digital registration form in the right column.

Education and the exchange of information and knowledge are major tasks of the IAGP. Online webinars and workshops are important tools to disseminate the rich experiences and expertises within IAGP, learn from each other, and maybe even reach out to new audiences. They also bridge the physical distances between our members who live scattered around the world. Online webinars and workshops therefor not only bring us cognitively but also emotionally closer together.
The webinar committee is trying to facilitate this by helping you to set up and present your ideas for online webinars and workshops. We do not only support you with all the technical issues around presenting online via Zoom, we also help you to improve the quality of your broadcast, for instance by offering you useful scripts and adding more focus to it. In this, we are working closely together with the Education Committee.
The Webinar Committee is one of the committees within the IAGP.
According to the Policies and Procedures Manual the purpose of the Webinar Committee is:
1. Improving and promoting dialogue in IAGP through clinical, theoretical and research experiences with IAGP zoom webinar platform;
2. Empowering the interconnections between Sections and Members promoting virtual specific meetings focus on scientific topics;
3. Be used as tool or bridge for technical support with other Sections or Committee that organise IAGP online meetings.

Do you want to know more about the Webinar Committee, presenting an online webinar or workshop, or what the Webinar Committee can do to help you, please get in touch with us and we will reach out to you.

Adrian Hofstede (Netherlands)
Webinars Coordinator

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    Managing Anxiety Surrounding COVID-19″ with Greg Crosby”
    Recordings of last weekend’s webinar coming soon. In the meantime, download files from the webinar:
    Online skills to manage anxiety Covid-19

    Thinking styles II

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    We are now pleased to use the power of the Internet to extend our reach further, bringing IAGP’s educational opportunities to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.

    In June, we held our first special webinar weekend focusing on psychodrama and group-analysis with Marcia Almeida Batista and Earl Hopper. We then offered a webinar on working with children and families in therapeutic groups presented by Paula Peron and Alessandra Barbieri. And in December, Mariangela Wechsler led a webinar about family thereapy from a psychodrama and systemic perspective.

    Last weekend, Greg Crosby led a two-part webinar dealing with cognitive behavioral group therapy perspective strategies to deal onine with managing the anxiety surrounding COVID-19. On 28th March, he will lead a questions andd answers session about the webinar.

    Stay tuned for more webinars in the coming months! NB: Future webinars will take place at different times and in different languages, to accommodate our members in different countries and time zones.