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Why Webinars? IAGP has taken its innovative educational programmes to many parts of the world - most recently in Georgia. We are now pleased to use the power of the Internet to extend our reach further, bringing IAGP’s educational opportunities to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. In June, we held our first special webinar weekend focusing on psychodrama and group-analysis with Marcia Almeida Batista and Earl Hopper. We then offered a webinar on working with children and families in therapeutic groups presented by Paula Peron and Alessandra Barbieri. And in December, Mariangela Wechsler led a webinar about family thereapy from a psychodrama and systemic perspective. Last weekend, Greg Crosby led a two-part webinar dealing with cognitive behavioral group therapy perspective strategies to deal onine with managing the anxiety surrounding COVID-19. On 28th March, he will lead a questions andd answers session about the webinar. Stay tuned for more webinars in the coming months! NB: Future webinars will take place at different times and in different languages, to accommodate our members in different countries and time zones. Below you can find some basic information about our webinars: 1. Who can take attend a webinar? Our webinars are open to anyone with a professional interest in groups. However, However, to get the most out of our webinars and to benefit from IAGP’s other exciting networking opportunties, we strongly recommend that attendees join IAGP at

2. Who can present a webinar?

Applications to present a webinar are accepted only from IAGP members. Again

we hope you will join IAGP at

3. How are the Webinars run?

Our webinars use the Zoom software and can be easily accessed using almost any

smartphone or computer web browser. Instructions are sent to all reigstrants

before each webinar.

4. How to sign up for the next webinar?

Details will be sent out soon.

5. Questions?

Please send any questions about presenting and attending webinars to the Webinars Coordinator, Domenico Agresta,
Domenico Agresta (Italy) Webinars Coordinator



Led by Greg Crosby


Saturday, 28th March

6 p.m. Rome

Register here.

About the Webinar

Greg will answer questions from the participants, following Parts 1 and 2 of the webinar, which were held last weekend. Video recordings of will be available here soon. In the meantime you can download the materials which were presented: -Online Class for Coronavirus (Powerpoint) -Online Group For Coronavirus (Powerpoint) -Chapter from Greg Crosby's book on Integrative Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy
28 March
Greg Crosby