By Gerda Winther, Chair of the Scholarship Committee Fund

Dear All

We are contacting everyone who is interested in and has experience of working with groups of all kinds, such as in psychotherapy, organisations or communities. You might also be someone who is keen to promote this mode of working.

As practitioners and colleagues who believe that the group offers a unique possibility for sharing healing, and changing, we are inviting you to the XX IAGP International Congress in Malmö, Sweden to come and take part in this rich international event.  You will have a unique possibility to share and exchange with colleagues from all over.

Unfortunately, because of the big differences in the financial development of many countries in the world where salaries are low and the financial situation precarious, it is difficult for many who would like to attend to join us to share and learn.  This leaves us all poorer.
Because of the reality of this state of affairs we have created a Scholarship Fund so that with donations small or big we can make a difference by giving some people a chance they would not otherwise have. A gift of money enables the greater gift of participation, an investment that gives us all a wonderful chance to encounter people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and a rare opportunity to build a richer world for us all.

So we are asking for a gift of money to enable the greater gift of a wider and more diverse participation.

So dear friends any contribution is a gift to someone and will be truly appreciated.  Just go to http://www.iagp.com/donate/malmoscholarships/

Your kind donation (though not the sum donated) will be acknowledged on the congress programme unless you choose to remain anonymous.
With best regards
Gerda Winther
Chair of the Scholarship Committee