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Our fundraising initiative raised $6167 and enabled many colleagues to come to our recent Malmo congress.

We welcome your donation for our future events and other activities. Payment can be accepted by credit card or by bank transfer using the form below:

To cover our bank and secure payment costs, the lowest possible donation is $20.00. For any queries email:



Online payment by credit card is usually the cheapest and fastest way to make a donation. Just fill in the relevant fields below. You will then be asked to confirm the amount you wish to pay, and you will be directed to the secure Saferpay website to submit your credit card details. If you have any technical questions or need help with the forms, please send e-mail to

If you are unable to pay online, you may make a bank transfer to IAGP's Swiss bank using the information here.

First name(s):

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E-mail address:

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Total amount of your donation, to be deducted from credit card in $US.
Please type only numbers in this box. Do not include the dollar sign or any other comments.

Please confirm total amount to be deducted from credit card in $US
Please type only numbers in this box. Do not include the dollar sign or any other comments.

Your kind donation (though not the sum donated) will be acknowledged on the congress programme unless you choose to remain anonymous. Please indicate your preference and any other requests in the box below.

Please read the following credit card terms of service and check the box below to confirm that you agree to them:


I understand that by completing the payment information, I authorize the IAGP to charge the appropriate fees to my designated credit card.  In accordance with IAGP by-laws, in the event of dissolution of this Association monies cannot be returned, since they must be transferred to a charitable organization. IAGP is incorporated in Switzerland and has been granted the status of a Swiss tax-exempt charity (Reg. no. 409/2003).  Please consult your personal tax consultant in your country as to the tax implications for payment of the dues. 

If you have any questions, please contact The IAGP's official address in Switzerland (not for correspondence): is Besmerstrasse 27, 8280 Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

I hereby confirm that I have read and agree to the above terms of service and the information supplied on the IAGP website. I hereby authorize the IAGP to process my credit card payment.

Information collected on this page and elsewhere on this site will not knowingly be passed on to any third party or used for unsolicited mailings.

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