Young professionals section

This section has been officially established in September 2013. The aim of the section is to create a space for young professionals to meet, to think and to produce together for IAGP. The section collaborates with other sections and creates projects, webinars, workshops, fundraising events and invites all young professionals to join in these events. IAGP values and supports young professionals and calls them to become a part of the association, to share about their research and case studies in our discussion list and to participate and present their works in the regional and international conferences. For further information and to be involved in the projects of YPS, please email

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  • The section compiles interviews of long-standing IAGP members and publishes them as “Coffee Break”. Find the latest from Februrary 2024 with Andreas von Wallenberg Pachaly here

Leadership and Authority: Navigating the Future

In conjunction with OCS, the young professionals section would like to announce a leadership course. Beginning in October 2024, the course will last for six sessions. Further details and registration will be announced. 

The primary objective of this online leadership course is to equip young (mental healthcare) professionals with the essential personal and professional leadership skills necessary for effective leadership within their work areas and broader society. This program aims to foster the development of personal leadership, a deep understanding of leadership dynamics, enhance  competencies in leading diverse groups, and cultivate the ability to navigate complex challenges in leading (multicultural) teams. Participants will emerge from this course with the tools and confidence to lead with empathy, trust, inclusivity, and strategic vision, ensuring they can make a positive impact on the individuals and communities they serve.

Who can participate: Experts in the field of mental healthcare, psychotherapists, group therapists and academics (researchers, teachers), consultancies.

The IAGP Young Professional Section has initiated a research project aimed at identifying current trends in group psychotherapy and group processes. To achieve this, the Section is encouraging Master and PhD students to submit the English abstracts of their thesis for consideration in a competition that will recognize the most representative studies in this field.

Objective: The primary objective of this research project is to map the diverse topics that IAGP members and affiliated organizations’ members are currently exploring within the realms of group psychotherapy and group processes. The Young Professional Section aims to highlight and reward outstanding contributions on the latest developments and trends in this field.

Submission Details: Interested young professionals are requested to submit the abstracts of their Master or PhD thesis to Nilüfer Demirhan, the chair of the Young Professional Section. Submissions should be sent to

Recognition: By offering a prize, the IAGP Young Professional Section aims to encourage further exploration and innovation in this field, ultimately contributing to the advancement of knowledge and practices in group psychotherapy and group processes.

Prize: IAGP will offer 1-year membership to the 5 most representatives of different trends identified in this research.

Deadline for Applications: 1st April 2024

The IAGP Young Professional Section’s call for abstracts from Master and PhD students marks an exciting opportunity to give visibility and reward research contributions in the dynamic field of group psychotherapy and group processes. This initiative is anticipated to foster collaboration, exchange of ideas, and the continued growth of knowledge within the global community of practitioners and researchers in this field. Participants are encouraged to submit their abstracts and contribute to the collective understanding of current tendencies in group psychotherapy and group processes.