Education Committee

Intervisio/ peesupervision groups

IAGP offers intervision groups to its members on different topics or therapeutic/group processes approaches.  

Current intervision groups: Coordinatorof different IAGP Transculturaintervisio/ peesupervisioon line group usually meet one every four to six weeks.  

  • Rebecca Walters (USA) – Peer  supervision group for Psychodrama trainers,  Thursday 11.00am – 1.00pm N.Y. time [email protected] 
  • Kate Hudgins, Peer supervision To dream again after trauma? Psychodrama and trauma [email protected]
  • Maria van Noort (Netherland– Intervision group TIE 2 Transcultural lntervision members [email protected] Friday 3.30pm-5.30 pm Amsterdam time  
  • Yafi Sphirer (lsrael) – Transculturaintervision group on Collective trauma [email protected]  
  •  Adriana Piterbarg (Argentina) – Intervision group Transcultural psychotherapy (Spanish speaking) [email protected] Monday 10am – 12am Buenos Aires 

Education Projects

IAGP designs and develops educational projects, both in-person and online, targeted to specific groups of beneficiaries, coherently with their educational/training needs and with the competences and scopes of the IAGP.
IAGP sponsors projects and workshops in countries or areas where educational facilities and training in group processes and concepts are underprovided or lacking. The projects are organized in co-operation with the local groups and the IAGP Sections, Task Forces or Committees. 

Current Education Projects:
Ramallah, Palestine