1. What is the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes (IAGP)? +

IAGP is a professional association dedicated to promoting the understanding and practice of group psychotherapy and group processes worldwide. It serves as a global platform for professionals in the field, fostering collaboration, education, and research. It includes the professional interests of both individual members and affiliated organizations.

2. What is group psychotherapy and group processes? +

Group psychotherapy involves therapy conducted with a group of individuals rather than one-on-one. Group processes refer to the interactions and dynamics within such groups, including communication patterns, roles, and relationships.

3. Who can join the IAGP? +

Membership in IAGP is open to professionals, practitioners, educators, and researchers interested in group psychotherapy and group processes. This includes psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, therapists, educators, researchers, and students

4. What are the benefits of joining the IAGP? +

   – Access to a global network of professionals in the field.

   – Opportunities for continuing education, training, and professional development.

   – Access to research, publications, and resources in group psychotherapy.

   – Participation in conferences, workshops, and events.

   – Recognition and promotion of ethical standards in group work.

   – Opportunities to collaborate and contribute to the field’s development.

5. How do I become a member of the IAGP? +

   You can become a member by filling out the membership application form on our website and paying the applicable membership fee. Visit Membership Page for more details.

6. What types of membership does the IAGP offer? +

IAGP offers various membership categories, including professional, student, and institutional memberships. Each category has different benefits and fees. Visit [Membership Types](#) for more information.

7. What are the membership fees, and how are they structured? +

 Membership fees vary depending on the membership category and your geographical location. Fees are structured to accommodate professionals at different stages of their careers and from different regions of the world. Visit [Membership Fees](#) for details.

8. How do I renew my membership? +

Membership can be renewed annually through our website. You will receive a reminder when your membership is due for renewal, and you can log in to your account to renew.

9. What resources does the IAGP provide to its members? +

   – Access to publications, journals, and research articles.

   – Online forums and discussion groups.

   – Webinars and online courses.

   – Job listings and career resources.

   – Funding opportunities for research and projects.

10. What are the objectives and goals of the IAGP? +

  The IAGP aims to:

    – Promote the practice and understanding of group psychotherapy and group processes.

    – Foster professional development and collaboration among members.

    – Advance research and knowledge in the field.

    – Promote ethical standards and best practices in group work.

11. How does the IAGP promote professional development and networking among its members? +

    – By organizing regional conferences, International congress every three years, online webinars, and in-person events.

    – Through online forums and networking opportunities.

    – By providing access to resources and publications.

    – By facilitating mentorship and peer support.

12. What kind of events does the IAGP organize? +

 The IAGP organizes international conferences, regional conferences, webinars, and symposiums focusing on various aspects of group psychotherapy and group processes. These events provide opportunities for learning, networking, and professional development.

13. How can I get involved in the IAGP’s activities and initiatives? +

You can get involved by attending events, contributing to publications, participating in online discussions, joining committees, and volunteering for various initiatives. Contact us for more information on how to get involved.

14. Does the IAGP offer any certification or accreditation programs? +

No, IAGP is not accredited for issuing certification. It does offer training. These programs are designed to ensure high standards of practice and expertise in the field. 

15. How does the IAGP support research in group psychotherapy and group processes? +

The IAGP supports research through funding opportunities, publication of research articles, and collaboration with academic institutions. We also host research symposiums and provide resources for researchers in the field.

16. Are there any publications associated with the IAGP? +

 Yes, the IAGP publishes the FORUM and other publications focusing on group psychotherapy and related topics. Members receive access to these publications as part of their membership benefits.

17. Does the IAGP offer any training programs or workshops? +

 Yes, the IAGP offers training programs, webinars, and courses on various topics related to group psychotherapy and group processes. These programs are designed for professionals at different levels of experience and expertise.

18. Which professional sections are represented in IAGP? +

IAGP is divided into six professional sections, each representing a community of professional interest that is supported by a chairperson and a coordinating committee. The current list of sections reads: Psychodrama, Transcultural, The sections represent the interests of individual members only and do not include affiliate members. Affiliate members belong as an individual organization and their representative attends the assembly of affiliate members through the CAOA.

19. How does the IAGP ensure ethical standards in group psychotherapy? +

The IAGP has a Code of Ethics that all members are expected to adhere to. We also provide resources, training, and supervision to support ethical practice in group work. The ethics committee is elected independently of the board of directors and oversees this work.

20. What is the history of the IAGP? +

The IAGP was founded in 1974 and has since grown into a global association with members from 25 countries. It has played a significant role in advancing the field of group psychotherapy and group processes.

21. How can I contact the IAGP if I have further questions? +

You can contact us through our website or via email at [email protected]. We’re happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have.