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2022 -2025

Dear Colleague,

On IAGP’s journey of spreading the training and education in group psychotherapy and group processes all over the world, the IAGP Education Committee (IAGP EC) currently works on expanding its team and recruiting distinguished professionals. The committee chair and members are pleased to welcome specialized professionals willing to participate in training and education programs in different parts of the world.

The IAGP EC is an umbrella committee that ensures consistent standards for workshops and projects offered by IAGP in co-operation with the local group, as well as the IAGP Sections, Task Forces or Committees. The IAGP EC is responsible for coordinating and developing curricula and appointing the staff team for each project run by or sponsored by IAGP. It has a chairperson who, in cooperation with the executives, the section chairs and the Board of Directors, selects further members of the Committee to work with him/her.

IAGP would like to acknowledge all the input of those individuals who are willing to give their time and expertise to help achieve IAGP’s mission of sponsoring projects and workshops in countries or places where educational facilities and training in group psychotherapy and group processes and concepts are under-provided or lacking.

In order to join the IAGP group of professional trainers, it is important to read the following:

  1. IAGP is a non-profit organization; the training under its support is a voluntary work. 
  2. The application for professional training is restricted to IAGP members. 
  3. When you are taking part of an IAGP Education program, you have to accept your ambassadorial function and promote the IAGP membership and organizational links. 
  4. Please do not promote your own organization, unless this is approved with the IAGP education committee (EC), as for a joint project between your association and IAGP. 
  5. The format of the training proposed by the EC can be, separate workshops, a course, or a series of workshops in the context of a specific project. 
  6. All the format of IAGP training should be provided under the IAGP and must be approved by the IAGP education committee. 
  7. After its specification, training time should not be changed except in emergency conditions. 
  8. In case specific information is needed, please connect with the EC chair, the project coordinator (if any) or the EC members. If emergency assistance is needed, you may contact the host organizers and report to the EC as soon as possible.
  9. By the end of each training, the following is required to provide a report about the evolution of your training, including:
    • Aim 
    • Framework setting: theoretical and experiential planning 
    • Achievements and evaluation 
    • Challenges 
    • Cultural considerations 
    • Ethical considerations 
    • Collaboration with the local organizer/s 
    • Specific recommendations for the ongoing project 
    • Recommendations for future projects.  
  10. In case you are providing training in a different country than yours, IAGP and the local organizers will arrange to provide your travel expenses. 
  11. During the years of the course, and for two years later, trainers are not expected to provide training in an institute without the agreement of the local organizers and IAGP. 
  12. Being among IAGP trainers, you will receive the following privileges:
    • An IAGP certificate of your training
    • Your name will be mentioned on the IAGP trainers’ list
    • An opportunity to be involved in actively participating in tailoring education programs
    • Gain experience of participating in and learning about different cultures.

Email for contact

Please contact the chairs of the Education Committee, Maurizio Gasseau or Mona Rakhawy with any queries:

To join IAGP group of trainers, please complete the form and submit CV below. 

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