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IAGP Statement for New Year, 2024
Dear IAGP Community,

As we approach the end of a year marked by increasing complexity and challenges for many of our members, I extend my sincere appreciation for your resilience and dedication. The consequences of violence have compromised mental and social health on a global scale, increasing the importance of group interventions in these difficult times.

Our mission as group workers is to provide support and create emotionally safe spaces for all those in need, transcending borders and ideologies for the sake of a better humanity.

As we stand at the midpoint of this administration, I am honored to reflect on the collective journey we have undertaken and share some developments for the upcoming year.

A significant accomplishment has been the creation of the IAGP Newsletter, serving as a bridge to keep you informed about our latest developments. Our commitment to knowledge dissemination continues through webinars that deliver expertise and knowledge. The expanded presence on social media and the next launch of a more efficient IAGP website are advances towards bridging geographical distances through technology and advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The celebration of IAGP 50th Anniversary was a remarkable occasion. The Golden Almanac and the Annual Report, available on our website, serve as valuable resources for all members.

IAGP continues to provide networking opportunities through International and Regional Congresses. In 2024, the 7th African Regional Congress in Monastir, Tunisia, and the 2nd Latin American Regional Congress in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, promise outstanding opportunities for collaboration and friendship. These events follow the success of the IAGP 5th Mediterranean Regional Congress for Trauma & Disaster in Antalya, Turkey, in 2023.

Our dedicated Congress Organizer Committee is preparing the 22nd IAGP International Congress in Sapporo, Japan, in 2025, with the theme, “Groups and Global Crises: Challenges for People, Organizations, and Societies”. We are foreseeing the launching of the IAGP International Congress website for the beginning of 2024.

I want to thank all of you for your support during the first half of this administration. The path ahead is rich with opportunities to amplify the impact of group psychotherapy and group processes on a global scale.

Together, let us shape the future of IAGP for the next 50 years – a time for innovation, diversity, equity, inclusivity, and global impact. May 2024 bring shared achievements, growth, peace, and joy to us all.

Happy New Year!

Heloisa Fleury, IAGP President

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Dear Friends & Colleagues,
Thank you so much for your support to IAGP. We are developing many projects that need your contribution.

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Communication Task Force

Dear IAGP Members, IAGP has completed a remarkable 50 years, leaving behind a valuable legacy. This significant milestone, encompassing the contributions of J.L. Moreno and others, was celebrated in Zurich, Switzerland, in June of this year under the presidency of our last leader, Heloisa Fleury. As IAGP progresses, we aim to foster a spirit of […]

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IAGP has taken its innovative educational programmes to many parts of the world
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IAGP members from all countries around the World are welcome by IAGP at any and every IAGP conference or event

The IAGP has special interest sections in family therapy, group analytic group work, psychodrama, organizational consultancy and transcultural issues. The new Young Professionals Section was established by the IAGP Board in early September 2013. Members may belong to several sections.

The IAGP also has committees including the Trauma and Disaster Management committee and the Education committee.

Family therapy section

The aim of the Family Therapy Section is to offer to professionals who are working with
families and couples throughout the world a containing forum to communicate by exchanging experience, sharing expertise and expressing reflections on clinical, theoretical, social as well as cultural issues of family therapy and family dynamics The Family Therapy Section runs an online discussion list. For further details, please email

Analytic group (formerly group analysis) section

The Analytic Group Section aims to facilitate the exchange of information and viewpoints between group analysts and others interested in furthering the practice of group analysis throughout the world.
The Analytic Group Section runs an online discussion list, For further details, please email

Organizational consultancy section

The Organizational Consultancy Section aims to help develop and promote organizational consultancy, and to provide a supportive environment for those working in the field.
The Organizational Consultancy Section runs an online discussion list. For further details and to sign up, please email

Psychodrama section

The Psychodrama Section aspires to cooperate with other IAGP Sections and disseminate information about psychodrama and related areas. Our aim is to serve as an international professional-scientific forum dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and ideas and the advancement of psychodrama, and to organize workshops and presentations at IAGP congresses. We encourage new ideas and the development of new lines of communication. Our aim is to build intercultural bridges. For further information please email

Young professionals section

This section has been officially established in September 2013. Aim of the section is to create a space for young professionals to meet, to think and to produce together for IAGP. The section collaborates with other sections and creates projects, webinars, workshops, fundraising events and invites all young professionals to join in these events. IAGP values and supports young professionals and calls them to become a part of the association, to share about their research and case studies in our discussion list and to participate and present their works in the regional and international conferences.
For further information and to be involved in the projects of YPS, please email

Transcultural section

The IAGP’s Transcultural Section provides a forum for discussion of transcultural issues arising within the work of the IAGP, and within the professional lives of its members. The Transcultural Section runs an online discussion list. For further details please email

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