Violence Prevention in Schools of Perú. 

Violence prevention in schools in Peru (not only bullying), an ongoing project in collaboration with Inter-Cambio Institute, with a track record of success. We need help to reach more children at risk. Please make a donation to this special project. 


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WEBINAR: The Thematic and Free Drawings in Group Psychotherapy. With Revaz Korinteli

🎨The Thematic and free drawing can be the valuable tool for communicating with group members who have hard time expressing themselves verbally. Every picture tells a story and helps group members become more sensitive and empathetic to each other through their drawings. Group members learn to feel confident in working with drawing to recognize not […]

The Role of the Consultant to Organisations with Action Methods. – Workshop

The Role of the Consultant to Organisations with Action Methods. With Marianne Wiktorin An interactive investigation of how to ’find, shape and shoulder’ the role of the consultant, understanding the profound differences between therapy groups and organisations and its teams, crucial to consider. The task of the consultant is to promote change of the NOW […]

“Un Voyage à L’ orient”: Groups and New Horizons – The IAGP 7th Regional Conference in Africa, Monastir – Tunisia

This webinar, which is of great importance, will give an overview of the engagement of IAGP in Africa from the past to the present moment. The related process describes a way of hope; it shows how it is possible to struggle but, in the end, succeed in opening new horizons. It is based on the […]

Trauma-Informed Care Standards for Treatment, Education, and Organizations

Trauma-Informed Care Standards for Treatment, Education, and Organizations This didactic workshop presents trauma-informed care philosophy as outlined by SAMHSA and its utility in group work, education, and organizational leadership. The six trauma-informed principles will be outlined, and participants will be challenged to critically reflect on their relationships to these principles while exploring ways of further […]

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The IAGP has special interest sections in family therapy, group analytic group work, psychodrama, organizational consultancy and transcultural issues. The new Young Professionals Section was established by the IAGP Board in early September 2013. Members may belong to several sections.

The IAGP also has committees including the Trauma and Disaster Management committee and the Education committee.

Family therapy section

The aim of the Family Therapy Section is to offer to professionals who are working with
families and couples throughout the world a containing forum to communicate by exchanging experience, sharing expertise and expressing reflections on clinical, theoretical, social as well as cultural issues of family therapy and family dynamics The Family Therapy Section runs an online discussion list. For further details, please email [email protected]

Analytic group (formerly group analysis) section

The Analytic Group Section aims to facilitate the exchange of information and viewpoints between group analysts and others interested in furthering the practice of group analysis throughout the world.
The Analytic Group Section runs an online discussion list, For further details, please email [email protected]

Organizational consultancy section

The Organizational Consultancy Section aims to help develop and promote organizational consultancy, and to provide a supportive environment for those working in the field.
The Organizational Consultancy Section runs an online discussion list. For further details and to sign up, please email [email protected]

Psychodrama section

The Psychodrama Section aspires to cooperate with other IAGP Sections and disseminate information about psychodrama and related areas. Our aim is to serve as an international professional-scientific forum dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and ideas and the advancement of psychodrama, and to organize workshops and presentations at IAGP congresses. We encourage new ideas and the development of new lines of communication. Our aim is to build intercultural bridges. For further information please email [email protected]

Young professionals section

This section has been officially established in September 2013. Aim of the section is to create a space for young professionals to meet, to think and to produce together for IAGP. The section collaborates with other sections and creates projects, webinars, workshops, fundraising events and invites all young professionals to join in these events. IAGP values and supports young professionals and calls them to become a part of the association, to share about their research and case studies in our discussion list and to participate and present their works in the regional and international conferences.
For further information and to be involved in the projects of YPS, please email [email protected]

Transcultural section

The IAGP’s Transcultural Section provides a forum for discussion of transcultural issues arising within the work of the IAGP, and within the professional lives of its members. The Transcultural Section runs an online discussion list. For further details please email [email protected]


Membership is open to trained group psychotherapists, consultants and group leaders who are sponsored by a professional who is familiar with their work with groups.
Special membership fees are available for retired professionals and students. Student memberships are welcome from students enrolled in institutional training programs or university studies in group psychotherapy or group processes.