WEBINAR: Intersectional Identities and Socially Unconscious Processes

Intersectional Identities and Socially Unconscious Processes

The webinar explores the field in which the individual, interpersonal and social meet, putting special emphasis on intersectional identities and socially unconscious processes. Collective- often unspoken- assumptions, norms, values, and structures which operate beneath the surface of conscious awareness, are shaped by cultural, historical, and social contexts. It is essential to understand how multiple, overlapping axes of identity, such as race, gender, class, sexuality, ability etc. influence individuals and group dynamics. Gila Ofer will present upon the themes of bigenderality and bisexuality, Kavita Avula will present on the topics of racism, sexism, and other elements of intersectionality, and Konstantinos Liolios will argue upon the failures of patriarchy in a global level and its aftermath. Group analysts, group psychotherapists, psycho-dramatists, social scientists and students are very welcome to join this event.

1-Title of first presentation by Gila Ofer – 15 minutes
“Gender, bisexuality, Foundation Matrix and the Social Unconscious”
2- Title of the Second Presentation by Kavita Avula – 15 minutes
“Recognizing Codes of Superiority in Clinical Work: Social Unconscious, Racism, Sexism, and other Elements of Intersectionality”

3– Title of third presentation by Konstantinos Liolios- 15 minutes
“Patriarchy and its failures: Social Unconscious Manifestations”
4- Comments by Earl Hopper –10 minutes
5-Small break- 5 minutes
6- Large Group Convened by Carla Penna –90 minutes

NEXT 22nd of June 6:00 to 8:30 PM CEST
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