Dr. Carlos Raimundo presents – Oh No! Christmas again! Nov – 2023

Christmas, Thanksgiving, traditional and religious celebrations, birthdays, or any family or social gathering can sometimes leave us feeling bitter instead of the sweetness they should bring.

Some people may approach this coming Christmas with apprehension for various reasons, such as an empty plate, the absence of a loved one due to travel, migration, or passing away. Others may dread encountering, once again, a family dynamic that is draining and exhausting. Differences in traditional, ideological, or spiritual values can also contribute to a sense of unease.

In this online workshop, participants use a specially designed process crafted by the presenter to map their relational systems, called social atoms. Through this process, they learn and apply practical skills to enhance their ability to create more positive and fulfilling experiences, especially for this coming Christmas. Therapists and coaches can apply this immediately in their practice.”

The workshop enabled me to establish more authentic connections.” – Therese, Counsellor, Australia I wasn’t aware that I could break free from generational patterns rooted in fear, expectations, and guilt.” – Jono, Accountant-Business Coach, Germany.

Presenter: Dr Carlos A Raimundo. Founder of Active Learning International, Play of Life creator and interim Family Therapy Section Chair at IAGP.

Email Dr Raimundo [email protected] or Dr.Carlos@ActiveLearningInt.com