IAGP 5th Regional Mediterranean Conference.

Dear Friends,

Violent conflicts continue to spread around the world. The wounds of the earthquake in Türkiye have not yet healed, leaving hundreds of thousands of people affected. Africa has faced floods and earthquakes, adding to the suffering. The climate crisis is making itself increasingly felt each day, and social and economic inequalities are manifesting their impact worldwide. Radical forces and dirty politics are threatening the entire world and traumatizing the masses.

At this very moment, we invite you to the “5th Regional IAGP Trauma and Disaster Conference”, which will take place in Antalya from November 2-5, 2023,  held under the chairmanship of Caner Bingöl. This is not just a conference invitation; it is an opportunity to discuss what we can do to preserve our humanity and come together with the world’s leading experts. As followers, professionals, and students in this field, we will have the chance to discuss, talk, learn, and be with highly competent experts, at least in approaching the world’s traumas. We hope that each colleague will do their best to come together at the World Trauma Congress in Antalya with this awareness.

The conference offers discounts for all students, and I recommend reaching out to the provided email address. The contact information below will assist those who wish to register in the link.

The conference program is finalized and can be viewed through the link below. There are numerous workshops, presentations, and panel courses.

Looking forward to meeting you in Antalya.

Deniz Altınay, Psych.M.A.
Co-Chair of the IAGP Antalya Reginal Conference