Join or renew your membership for the current term (2019-2020)

IAGP welcomes individual and affiliate (organisational) members from all countries

IAGP welcomes individual and affiliate (organisational) members from all countries.
We now offer annual billing. The current term is from 1st October 2019 to 30th September, 2020. Below you can find information about membership and links to join and renew.

Individual membership

Who can join?
Membership is open to trained group psychotherapists, consultants and group leaders who are sponsored by a professional who is familiar with their work with groups.. Special membership fees are available for retired professionals and students. Student memberships are welcome from students enrolled in institutional training programs or university studies in group psychotherapy or group processes.

Individual members receive Forum (our annual publication), Globeletter (our newsletter), our membership directory and an entry within its next printed edition, and reduced registration fees at IAGP-sponsored congresses.

Fees are now payable annually. Payment of dues entitles the member to all privileges of membership until 30th September, 2020, or for life in the case of life membership.

Individual life membership fee
IAGP life membership costs $3,000. We regret that we are unable to offer discounts or installments for this payment.

Individual Membership Dues
IAGP has adopted the World Bank’s method rating of country income. (For details of the IAGP’s country banding, please see here. To find out about the World Bank Atlas method of rating, please click here). The IAGP offers special rates for students, young professionals and retired people. Rates are as follows:

Organizational membership

Who can join?
We welcome membership applications from professional organizations and institutions in the group therapy, group processes and related fields.

Organizational affiliates become members of the Consultative Assembly of Organizational Affiliates (CAOA). Through the Chairperson of the CAOA, who is a Board member, affiliate concerns are represented at IAGP Board meetings. Affiliates are invited to send a representative to CAOA meetings and to participate in the CAOA online discussion forum. (Please contact our CAOA Chair: Mona Rakhawy (Egypt) if your organization is not yet represented on our online discussion list.) Organizational affiliates receive a copy (one per organization) of IAGP publications, and their organization is listed in our Website and in the membership directory. For details of our affiliate organizations, please click here.

NB: Members of IAGP’s affiliate organisations, including their IAGP representative, do not automatically become individual IAGP members. They are strongly recommended to also take out individual IAGP membership (separate payment required), so that they can join Sections and obtain other benefits of individual IAGP membership.

Fees for organizational affiliates are calculated pro rata based on membership numbers and geographic location of the organization. The IAGP has adopted the World Bank’s rating of country income (To find out about the World Bank Atlas method, please click here). For details of the IAGP’s country banding, please see here). Dues for affiliate organizations for 2019-2020 are as follows

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